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I am Willem an aviation fanatic!
Since 1989, I am a dedicated plane spotter, with the Starfighter as my absolutly favorite. I have already collected a lot of material during the past years. Besides all the collected photos and videos I also have a variety of objects  from multiple aircrafts. My  video collection can be found on this personal website, take a comprehensive look!
During the spring of 1989 my aviation fanaticism started. I planned to visit the open day of the Royal Air Force at Volkel Air Base. I was immediately impressed by the various combat aircraft.  During the past 28 years i got fascinated by combat aircrafts. The complexity of the aircrafts is one to acknowledge.

My collection of videos was starting to get in great shape through the past years. In 1999 I decided to make videos of my visits to the various air bases. In order to make this possible I had to buy a decent video camera, during 1999 i decided to buy an expensive Sony video camera. That same year I decided to visit the Fairford event (UK), I took my new video camera with me to shoot some nice videos.

As it is becoming clear from the story above, I own a great collection of photos and videos of the various combat aircrafts. In 2017 I decided to share all my great material with the whole world. I planned to make a great website about the combat aircrafts, this website. I hope that I made something special with the build of the website, enjoy!